June 2021

Bermeo Offshore has been operating a regular line from Bermeo to Casablanca for the last twenty years with a periodicity of 3 ships every two months.

The line uses general cargo ships and bulk carriers of between 5.000 and 6.000 tons that allow a great flexibility of loads: wood, minerals, steel, project cargo, …

Throughout these more than two decades of providing the regular service, Bermeo Offshore has positioned itself as a promoter of international trade for those companies that operate within the hinterland of the port of Bermeo, guaranteeing the stability and security of its supply chain.

Morocco, with approximately 35 million inhabitants, is the first Spanish trading partner in Africa and also represents the true “Gateway to Africa” for the Spanish exporter, a perfect regional financial and logistics platform for trading with the sub-Saharan market.

Export opportunities for Spanish companies are highly diversified: renewable energy projects (solar and wind), gas pipelines, industrial capital goods, construction (cardboard, wood, steel, plastic, equipment), industrial raw materials, agricultural equipment, etc. .

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