Freight Solutions

Integrated Freight Solutions

Regardless of the sector, product, or market, Erhardt is your trusted logistics partner that will connect your business to the world.
We are an integrated logistics operator, incorporating the different companies that make up our logistics group, and we have a global network of agents that enable us to provide end-to-end transport solutions.


Maritime, overland, air transport, project cargo, warehousing, insurance, customs … Integrated solutions that provide end-to-end global coverage.

International freight





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Muelle Erroxape s/n

Multimodal solutions

Door-to-door solutions:
Road, Sea, Railway. Warehousing. Customs.
Short Sea Shipping Solutions. Risk Management and insurance.

Why choose Erhardt?

  • Seasoned customer-focused team
  • Over a hundred years of proven competence
  • Sectorial expertise
  • A single point of contact for managing the entire project
  • Integrated services
  • Flexibility
  • Cost optimisation
  • Specialist team
  • Proprietary installations and means
  • Terminal operator in strategic ports
  • Integrated network of businesses and services