Industrial Sectors

Tailormade logistics solutions for industry

We identify the specific challenges in each business sector in order to design bespoke solutions to meet its requirements, and thereby reinforce its competitiveness.

We have the team, the know-how and the experience needed to perform our work safely and efficiently.

Vertical knowledge

Expert team focused on optimising supply chain performance.

Customised solutions

Logistics solutions designed to deal with the specific challenges each market poses.

Global reach

Worldwide coverage with integrated services in stevedoring, chartering, freight, customs…


Observance of the regulations, ratings, standards and certifications required in each business sector.


48370 Bermeo
Muelle Erroxape s/n

Steel industry

Steel products: plates, coils, billet, wire rods ...


Non ferrous metals: aluminum, copper, nickel, ...


Timber and wood products, boards and derivatives


Oversized special projects cargo


Paper pulp and its derivatives: tissue, kraft, ...


Offshore services from Bermeo

Why choose Erhardt?

  • Seasoned customer-focused team
  • Over a hundred years of proven competence
  • Sectorial expertise
  • A single point of contact for managing the entire project
  • Integrated services
  • Flexibility
  • Cost optimisation
  • Specialist team
  • Proprietary installations and means
  • Terminal operator in strategic ports
  • Integrated network of businesses and services