March 2021

The Basque Government is committed to the consolidation of the Puerto de Bermeo. The Directorate of Ports, dependent on the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government, has begun work to strengthen and consolidate the breakwater to protect the port from maritime storms.

The project, with a planned investment of 2.7 million euros, consists of the placement of 517 new concrete blocks at various points on the shoulder. It should be noted that the blocks arrive in special gondolas at the port, a fact that reinforces the port’s position as an ideal place to be used as a loading point for special engineering projects.

Once the blocks are deposited at the Erroxape dock, they are loaded onto a pontoon that is responsible for carrying the blocks of between 40 and 80 tons to their final destination, where they are unloaded using a lattice crane.

The concrete blocks have steel aggregate from treated steel slags that contribute to the circular economy of the port work.

With this intervention to improve the port’s infrastructures, it becomes clear that Bermeo is a lively port that will undoubtedly improve its already excellent operating range.

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